1. Kill letho/ let him free. September 2020. Unfollow. Geralt discovers that Loredo, the ostensibly Temerian commander of the town, is intending to sell the town to King Henselt of Kaedwen. - I saved S íle de Tansarville from her defective megascope. If … Regardless of whether you save Triss yourself or do the other quest, Triss says a massacre took place at Loc Muine. By tienganhtiengem at September 06, 2017 . SPOILER ALERT ===== Let's see, from my Roche playthrough-- she was assigned by the Lodge to track down and kill Letho. the witcher 3 the witcher the witcher 2 lodge of sorceresses triss merigold philippa eilhart keira metz sheala de tancarville sile de tansarville margarita laux-antille sabrina glevissig francesca findabair assire var anahid mine mygif myedit 1k 500. The Whispering Hillock - Killed the tree spirit IMPORTANT: Trish and Yennefer are important characters in the game, and their romance options are important choices. Did you kill Letho or let him walk away at the end? Reblog. Geralt had the option to put old grudges aside and save Sile, or let the sabotage kill her in dramatic fashion. A megascope is a magical device good for teleporting and having conversations at a distance, among other fantastical uses. 4,400 notes. Geralt and I both knew Sile de Tansarville, the Recluse Kovir, the Once proud member of the Lodge of Sorceresses who in her day plotted, persuaded and spellcast the world into a shape of her liking. 403 - Phasmophobia. If you don't simulate saving her in Witcher 2 she's not even there and is already dead when the game starts as well. It also says she was given a dignified death? - I allowed him to walk free. Sile de Tansarville: Whether or not she appears during the quest "The Great Escape." Recommendation: Warn Sile de Tansarville; Choice #4: Kill or spare Letho? I let Sile de Tansarville explode in W2; and yet in W3 her character entry says she was maimed and tortured in King Radovid's dungeon. -didnt kill the nilfguard spy and f..k her too used the device one time so her partner is dead-didnt kill sila so she can tell me where yennefer is so it may help me in finding her in witcher 3 but now that is revealed i doubt it have any effect-saved lorveth and took the dagger that can cure saskia didnt kill letho Doesn't affect anything in the future. Location. Did you warn Sile de Tansarville ? Ausir (talk) 00:16, May 20, 2011 (UTC) It should at least be noted at the top acknowledging the reason for the alternate spelling, (I would suggest having both names in the heading). If Geralt saves Sheala then he and Yennefer later find her in a prison in Oxenfurt when they are looking for Margarita Laux-Antille, who got captured by King Radovid. 6- Did you kill Letho, or allow him to walk free? I mean whatever story element they came up with to justify it, this is the real answer. You also get several more romantic options if you take this option, which may be important if you enjoy having a lot of romantic decisions. Please no spoilers for witcher 3 I … Save her, as not doing so won’t benefit the game whatsoever. Sile de tansarville witcher 3. Whether or not Sile is fully recognized as the culprit behind Foltest's assassination, Geralt is later faced with the choice to save her or let her die. dethK10 5 years ago #4. 4 “We may have lost a battle, but the war is just beginning.” pyatova . 26 episode Giant Bombcast 656: Throw Up Your Bungers. Sile de Tansarville was one of the sorceress conspirators that set the events of The Witcher 2 in motion, and Geralt - and all the north - suffered for their schemes. However, if you choose the Scoia'tael then you'll be able to help Iorveth and help him find his rightful place. Geralt saves his old friends, the bard Dandelion and the dwarf Zoltan Chivay, from being hanged in the city square. This one has a major impact. "The Lodge lacks humility. Available at the start of the game . 5 years ago. THE WITCHER 2 - Sile de Tansarville: Kill or Spare *** Coarse & Match Fishing TV Italia *** Franc. Choice 4: Sile de Tansarville. Síle de Tansarville is a Gwent Card in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. sile de tansarville,sile de tansarville good or bad,sile de tansarville gwent,witcher 3 sile de tansarville bug,sile de tansarville death,sile de tansarville romance,witcher 2 sile romance,sheala de tancarville,save sile de tansarville witcher 2 Save sile de tansarville/ let her perish. Twistedmaestro 4 years ago 1. Page 2 of 4 - The Witcher 2 EE Iorveth path save game - posted in File topics: Hi, thanks for uploading this! Sile de la Cernica si Extraterestrii Hora NOUA 2. Síle de Tansarville was a founding member of the Lodge of Sorceresses and one of the most dangerous and feared mages of her time. Sheala has been extensively tortured beyond the possibility of being saved (as Letho previously mentioned, something offal) so either Geralt or Yennefer put her out of her misery in order to spare her from a far more agonizing death. I let her die in 2 so this didn't happen for me. Even other members of the Lodge fear her, with perhaps the exception of Philippa Eilhart, Francesca Findabair, Assire var Anahid and Yennefer of … Apr 28, 2016 - Síle de Tansarville (Gwent Card) - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Sile Beatbox Challenge (Laptrip to) The Witcher 2 - Find Sile . Note (Spoilers! All things related to The Witcher... Books, games, TV-series... You name it. It has no lasting positive or negative impact. Andrzej Sapkowski crafted the crazy and detailed world of "The Witcher" back in 1993. Sile de Tansarville. 4. Saving Triss from Niftgaardian captivity allows her to inform the Conclave of Mages that Sile de Tansarville had something to do with the king’s assassination. Sile de Tansarville. Did you save Triss Merrigold or help Roche? Plot. You'll also be able to romance Ves. Sheala de Tancarville (Síle de Tansarville in the English version of the video games) is a sorceress from Creyden and one of the founding members of the Lodge of Sorceresses.She's among the most powerful and respected mages in the North. Card Type: Ranged Combat; Faction: Northern Realms; Card Strength: 5; Special Ability: None . Did you warn Sile de Tansarville about the defective megascope and save hr or let her die? At the summit at Loc Muinne, Letho - the Kingslayer - sabotaged Sile’s megascope. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Live Sile de la Jugureanu -Coalj 1. ceylan 2010 sile sile.wmv. Other characters' dialogue is in line with the imported save. 97 episode Six Crazy Frights: Ep. 2. Sile De Tansarville will be alive in Oxenfurt's prison because she was saved in Loc Muinne; Letho will be alive and available to be recruited in the game because he was spared in Loc Muinne; Princess Adda, the Queen of Redania and Radovid's wife will be alive (although not mentioned) King Radovid V will not be hunting down all mages. The stories only existed in Polish for a very long time but their popularity grew and in time they became the basis for comic books, a film, a Netflix series starring Superman himself and, … Popular on Giant Bomb 47 review Rez Infinite Review. While #3 is really two separate choices you only get to make one or the other based on which path you took in a save file. User Info: dethK10. Formatia Sile de la Pucioasa-Sarba. Anyway, I created a redirect, so if you type "Sìle de Tansarville" in search or link to it, it will go to this page too. Even other members of the lodge fear her with perhaps the exception of philippa eilhart francesca findabair assire var … kill the kings, create own country Family: Friends / Allies: Enemies: Type of Hero: Sheala de Tancarville or Síle de Tansarville is one of the main antagonists in game of the video game The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. A pesca con Fipsas: Fiume Sile - Treviso. Saved from reddit.com. Card Information. Síle de Tansarville is a powerful sorceress but when the players of The Witcher 3 meet her it's clear that all of Síle's strength is gone. She tracks him to Flotsam, finds out that Geralt is also trying to find and kill Letho. Known as the Koviri Loner, Síle preferred to spend her time conducting research and studying magic, forgoing the political machinations that many of her peers engaged in. Saved by Adam Borchers. Right after you save Dandelion and Zoltan, u guys meet up in the INN and talk for a good while, then a guy comes in a yells "the beast is here" and everyone goes outside to the harbour, after that Triss introduced Geralt to Sile and she says come to the top of the INN to her room. If you don t simulate saving her in witcher 2 she s not even there and is already dead when the game starts as well. I imported my W2 save, and while the Letho sidequest appeared as it should have; it seems this part of the imported save … You'll be able to work with Roche to find Moril and kill Loredo. Just finished a portrait of Sile de Tansarville. 3. ... Yeah, Sile cannot survive. Imperial Audience - Aryan LaValette escaped, went with Roche, saved Triss Merrigold, Sile de Tansarville is dead, Letho is alive. Email This BlogThis! Sile de Tansarville, the most clueless sorceress of them all Now that I've done both paths, I've come to the conclusion that Sile is probably the most clueless sorceress out there. With the help of sorceress Síle de Tansarville, Geralt kills a Kayran, a giant monster that is disrupting the town's trade routes. Our lust for power may yet be our undoing." Sile de Tansarville, evil mage and hat connoisseur. That clears up MY confusion about what you're talking about. Save Síle de Tansarville or leave her to die: This decision makes a difference to how certain characters react to Geralt later in the game. Ghosts of the Past - Letho is alive and on his way to Kaer Morhen 3. 2.side with Vernon Roche/Iorveth *(Iorveths path) save triss/ lift spell of Saskia *(Vernon Roches path) save triss/ save anais la valette. sile de tansarville good or bad,sheala de tancarville witcher 3,sile de tansarville witcher 3,witcher 2 sile romance,save sile de tansarville witcher 2,ida emean aep sivney,letho live or die,witcher 3 sile de tansarville bug,sile de tansarville romance. 1.kill/spare Aryan la vallete. If you don't do it then Yennifer kills her. Follow. SILE DE TANSARVILLE. 31 episode The HotSpot - Episode 382.
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